cheaper way to go      

we now use base pay for a ride now
for an example
all canton Ohio local rides are 10.00 flat no other charges if any other stops take place on ride  there is a 5.00$ charge applied to your ride
all of north canto area is 15.00$ dollars all airport runs are at a separate price which is on the set up a taxi  ride tab
all of the base pay ride fares are on the set up a ride tab
we currently do accept visa card for payment
we  do not save card info or share with anyone
the card number is never saved to any of our system
all we get is receipt  transaction for payment
when your payment is token we will then confirm your ride through text
we will send you a track link so that you can see us on the route to you
in real time  to keep you up to date on arrival
all ride purchase are on the set up ride tab

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